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Tugboat and work boat fenders

Tug and work boat fenders for every type of vessel

ISCA are Australian agents for Evergreen Maritime. We are a supplier of marine fenders including pneumatic fenders, foam filled fenders, portable foam filled fenders, boat fenders, yacht fenders and D, M and W type rubber fenders.

We stock a wide range of tug and work boat fenders.

tugboat fendersOur professional staff have extensive experience in marine and defence industries and can provide guidance on Marine Fender Sytems that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations in service and quality.

Contact us today to discuss your Marine Fender requirements... +61 2 9913 8566

Tug Cylindrical Rubber Fenders

Cylindrical Tugboat FenderCylindrical Tugboat Rubber Fenders are widely used for the primary fendering system on the bow or stern of most of tugboats and push boats. There are straight cylindrical type and tapered ends type available. Its round shape is flexible for ship-to-ship operation with different vessels types. The Max. length can be to 20m with the joined plug. It’s fixed on by one longitudinal chain through the centre of the fender. Canvas straps or chains also are used to supplement by the grooves.

Extruded Rubber Fenders

D-Section and Square type extruded profiles rubber fenders are widely used for the support parts on the tugboats and other workboats. If you have special requirements, other types or sections can also be provided. Length, angle, holes, curve can be made as requested.


M & W Tugboat Fenders

W-Fender are one of the most effective fenders for tugboats. The special structure and flexible legs allow W-Fenders to be curved around most hull shapes. M-Fenders have triple legs that provide a strong attachment to the tugboats, and grooves provide extra grip. These features ensure the large and flexible contact face which exerts a low pressure during pushing operations.