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Brooke Street Pier, Tasmania

Design and supply of a launch System for new ferry terminal

The Launch system for the new ferry terminal is the largest floating concrete structure in Australia weighing in at 4000 tons. ISCA supplied air rollers to lift and move the structure. ISCA supplied the project management services and coordinated the launch proceedings; This required managing and coordinating dive teams, work boats, tugs retrieval teams and engineering teams.




Sydney Airport Corporation

Total refurbishment F7-4 Centreline Runway Lights

In 2000 ISCA was engaged by Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL) to investigate why the centreline runway lights were continually failing due to water ingress. 

As the runway was to be upgraded for use by the BA-A380 aircraft in the near future, and owing to specific time frame constraints, ISCA proposed a total refurbishment program.

The deadline was absolutely critical and the project needed to be finished prior to the start of the Olympic Games, as without all lights being operational, Sydney Airport would have its safety rating downgraded.

The findings from our investigation showed the original designed light had a dimensional flaw in the seal groove that led to the seals not functioning correctly.  Add to this the lack of maintenance over many years, and the lights were in extremely poor operational form.

ISCA conducted a complete strip down, repaint and replacement of the optical lenses, refurbishment of the luminaires and reflectors.  All new design modifications were re-powder coated, reassembled, pressure tested and electronically tested, and returned for an evening installation on a weekly basis. 

The TR program was completed on time and within budget.


Rio Tinto – Cape Lambert, Dolphin Head construction

Design and supply of a grout plate floatation device.

As a joint project, ISCA and John Holland Group designed a grout plate floatation device. Reusable, modular design developed for durability in corrosive marine environment and significant loads.

ISCA project managed all phases of design, engineering modelling and prototype construction.

Following prototype testing on site at Cape Lambert construction site, ISCA produced 40 bespoke units to tight deadlines.  The first phase of the dolphin head construction was completed in April 2012 and the unit performed well.



Funnelweb Filters

Co-design, prototyping and manufacture of foam air filters in off road motorcycles

Foam air filters have been used in off road motorcycles for nearly four decades and are now standard equipment in the vast majority of off road motorcycles worldwide.

The foam filter's basic design has had little change since its inception so we decided to do improve it.

Funnelweb Filters have utilized the latest technologies in open cell polyurethane foam profiling to substantially increase the filter's surface area, not only offering more protection, but enabling the filter to last longer before cleaning and re-oiling.

ISCA co-designed, prototyped and manufactured tough, injection moulded urethane seals for a precise fit, positive seal and superior strength.



Accessible Child Proof Latch

Redesign, prototyping and production of an Accessible Childproof Latch

The Accessible Childproof Latch is a modification to a magnetic latch gate which allows a shorter adult or someone in a wheelchair to open the gate using a special key whilst maintaining the gate's normal childproof latch function for all other users.

Neville Brown of Bekine came up with the idea when his son’s primary school installed a childproof fence, making his visits to the school for canteen duty much harder.   It's clever design makes it simple to retro fit to an existing Magna Latch gate within a few minutes.

Councils are now approaching Neville about installing the device at parks and playgrounds across Sydney.

ISCA helped with the redesign, prototyping and production of this injection moulded part.



Department of Defence – Rubber Preformed Items (RPI) Project

Inventory management, evaluation recertification and repackaging of perishable stores

The RPI Project commenced in November 2005 between ISCA and Department of Defence LSAN.  
The aim of this project was to perform an audit and review of mission critical rubber items held in Defence stores across Australia and develop management systems to control.

Project involved inspection, evaluation, calculation, recertification and repackaging. Establishment of inventory protocols (shelf life batching) and development of databases compatible with Navy requirements.

International Seal Company won the esteemed ADM Essington Lewis Award for the SME Defence Project of the Year 2006.



Thales - FFG Upgrade 2005

Sealing solution for the Mine and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar (MOAS) on the Guided-Missile Frigates

ISCA’s services were engaged by Thales to provide a sealing solution for the MOAS through the hull penetration seal assembly.

ISCA managed the design of the housing seals, bearings and gaskets in the assembly.

The design was highly scrutinised as it was in a critical area of the vessel, thus the concept was bomb tested at the Orchard Hills Ordinance Facility. The test resulted in zero leakage through the seal assembly due to the redundancy sealing methods applied in the design phase.



Seafaris Super Yacht 2005

Jointly design and integrate the hydraulic platform lifting system for storing tenders

ISCA and Crowther Design worked to jointly design and integrate the hydraulic platform lifting system for the purpose of storing a 28 ft tender.

ISCA project managed all phases of hydraulics and the platform construction as well as installation and testing on site at Forgacs’s Carrington slipway in Newcastle, and set to works testing in Queensland during commissioning.

ISCA has also provided in service support and upgrades to the vessel since it was launched in 2005.

This vessel was awarded the World Super Yacht of the Year for her class in 2007.