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Injection Moulding

Injection moulding, with plastic extrusion ranks as one of the prime processes for producing plastics articles and plastic products. It is a fast process and is used to mass produce large numbers of identical items in high volume. These can vary from precision engineering components or parts to disposable consumer goods. 

ISCA has five injection moulding machines ranging in size, equipped with robotics for part assembly and automated tasking. 

To support these injection moulding machines, ISCA maintains an automated tool room, inhouse CAD and CNC operated milling and machining. The tool room can produce a wide variety of moulds to suit just about any plastic moulding requirement.

ISCA is able to produce prototype and 3D modelling for physical testing and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to ensure the product and parts perform to standards.

Our highly qualified and experienced industrial chemists can help you identify the right plastic compounds to suit the injection moulded articles purpose and working environment.


  • AC Latch for Wheelchair accessibility on child proof gatesAC LatchGate latch for wheelchair accessibility
  • Donger Plumbing Device for centering waste pipesDongerSelf-centering drainage waste pipe
  • altHorseshoe padRace horse shoe pad (shock absorber)
  • Veterinary Anesthetic gas deviceVeterinary AnestheticVeterinary Anesthetic gas device

Typical Products Produced

Although ISCA does not seek to work exclusively within predefined market segments, over the years we have built up a proven track record and reputation in the following areas:

  • medical products & device design
  • automotive components
  • consumer goods
  • structural packaging design
  • engineering design and manufacture
  • Defence components

You have the moulds? - We will handle the injection moulding of your parts.

With 5 injection-moulding machines, we have multiple overlapping capabilities in scheduling of short or long runs, just in time (JIT) requirements or for that simple order that you needed yesterday.