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When it comes to precision toolmaking and die manufacturing, ISCA moulding technicians and toolmakers ensure your mould is fabricated with precision and can with stand the stress of mass production in injection moulding process. Every tool is monitored throughout the production process to ensure that it performs. Adjustments or improvements can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

ISCA can design and custom build injection moulds to your part or product specifications. Our computer-aided design software, Pro-Engineer, provides our toolmakers with 3D modeling, engineering project planning and mould fabrication automation capability. While our team of engineers, toolmakers and industrial chemist choose the best material for the mould and compounds to produce your product.

Working with toolmakers locally guarantees you the best possible price, timely service and quality. ISCA provides integrated service that plans and executes the best manufacturing strategy for your mould and your product.

If you need help with part or product design, a small production quantity, or you have a pressing deadline to present a prototype, no problem. ISCA partners companies when it comes to rapid prototyping, and machined tooling for injection moulding.

Using the latest Computer-aided Design tools, we can receive input data in virtually any format. Our CAD capabilities allow us to design moulds quickly, and automate fabrication processes with our Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) resources and our first class machine shop. Which means we can produce parts and moulds in quick time.

Once the tooling is completed, ISCA completes quality inspections and mould testing.

With 5 injection moulding machines, we have multiple overlapping capabilities in scheduling of short or long runs, just in time (JIT) requirements. We are committed to quality output and providing you with fanastic service no matter what requirements or how small the task.

Precision engineering

Having a fully equipped machine shop, highly skilled toolmakers and engineers means we can tackle more bespoke and small run requests for machining and fabrication in a wide range of materials. Whether its replacement parts or modification to components, a prototype or repair ISCA can help you.