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Industrial Design and Prototyping

ISCA is equipped with the latest Industrial Design technology to help our customers in the design and development of products and rapid prototyping.  We can provide you with the best value industrial design and prototyping service without compromising on quality. Our capability in this are is an essential addition to your Research and Development program (R & D).Industrial Design

ISCA can produce CAD designs in Pro-Engineer CREO, which can be rendered in 3D, tested using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and then fabricated into a a full scale working model or prototypes.  Using the latest technology ISCA is able to provide manually fabricated prototypes within days or hours with 3D printing technology.  These models and prototypes enable engineering and functional tests, component compatibility and fitment tests, products aesthetic, stakeholder acceptance and market testing. 

Changing a CAD design is quicker and far cheaper than a fully manufactured tool. So adjustments can be done iteratively if required to ensure the highest level of quality is achieved and the product is fit-for-purpose before committing to materials, design and manufacture set-up costs.

We have experience in high and low volume production processes. Our skilled technicians will consider every variable, and design for rapid assembly, manufacturing efficiency for high volume products and apply cost reduction techniques that can benefit you in most scenarios.

We have all the technology and systems in place to take a concept to market.  Our national network of vendors can be called on to provide an efficient and reliable and low cost supply chain.

Although ISCA does not seek to work exclusively within predefined market segments, over the years we have built a reputation for quality, service and reliability with a track record of success in the following areas:

  • Medical Products & Device Design
  • Structural Packaging Design
  • Engineering design and manufacture
  • Defence components and parts
  • Automotive components
  • Marine grade engineering
  • Forensic analysis of engineering and machinery failure

Our clients include Defence, large corporations, SME's, inventors, new technology start-ups and entrepreneurs.

ISCA has significant experience in a broad range of industries and is an associate member of the RPDE.