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Leasing frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What equipment can I have?

ISCA offers finance packages for plastic injection moulds and injection moulding machines. Other business procurements also be cover by leases contact us to discuss.

Is there an interest rate?

There is no interest rate because it is not a loan. Being an operating lease, it is treated as a monthly rental payment for the use of the equipment.

How are repayments made?

It’s very simple. Your monthly repayments will be directly debited from your nominated bank account or credit card.

What happens if something goes wrong with the equipment?

It is the customer’s responsibility during the rental term to keep equipment in good working order either through manufacturer's warranty or maintenance. Why not utilise our extended “Techcare Plan” cover which can be included in your monthly payments to extend your warranty cover for the term of your rental. In the event of a fault with the equipment, Techcare can be contacted on 0299138566 - all claims must be made within 7 days of any fault or problem occurring.

Do I have to cover loss, theft and accidental damage for the equipment?

It is a requirement that you insure the equipment during your rental agreement term for these situations and you may choose to use your own insurance to cover yourself for these situations. Alternatively, you may also choose our “Protection Plan” where we bear the risk. Our protection plan cover can be included in your monthly payments.

What are my options at the end of my rental term contract?

Call our Customer Service Centre team in any of these circumstances on 02 9913 8566.

  • At the end of your term you can replace your old equipment by upgrading to the newest technology and commence a new agreement once you have returned the old equipment to us.
  • At the end of your term you can continue to rent your current equipment.
  • At the end of term you can offer to buy the equipment at “Fair Market Value”.
  • Simply return the equipment to us.