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The benefits of leasing

How do the benefits flow into your business?

Managing uncertainty is the hardest challenge in conducting business today. Leasing the items you need, provides you with the simple surety of not owning assets that encumber your business as they become outdated and outlive their usefulness. Technology Leasing’s flexibility flows across the types of assets required by businesses, transactional size and the structuring arrangements to suit your specific needs.

No equity? No problem!

Offers 100% financing. Not one cent is needed up front!

Cash flow is maintained

Money is no longer tied up in high-value goods as you only pay for the use of your goods as you use them with regular monthly repayments. This frees up your cash flow to have more working capital that could be put to better use in investing in your business.

Predictable costs that makes accounting easier

Regular monthly payments are fully fixed for the length of the agreement and treated as an operating expense, allowing accurate forecasting of expenses and budgeting. There are:

  1. No set-up costs
  2. No down payments
  3. No application fees; and
  4. No ongoing account keeping fees.

Affordability that offers more value

Leasing allows you to have more in dollar value. No matter what your individual requirements or what business you’re in, the right equipment is essential. With rental, you can have exactly what you need to prosper commercially as a business, and you are not limited to what you can afford to pay for upfront making it very attractive. You can spread the cost of your equipment over its useful life with affordable monthly payments with flexible plans over 2, 3 or 4 years. The longer the term the less the monthly repayment - it’s your choice.

One simple payment for everything

You can bundle all your goods, equipment, IT, peripherals, hardware, software and installation in one agreement with simple payments, putting your finances securely in your hands.

Tax destructibility for business use

In some cases, if leased equipment is installed at home, as long as it is used predominantly for business and investment purposes, tax deductions may apply, therefore making it very cost effective. You should seek independent advice from an accountant to clarify your own personal circumstances.

No cash outlay, no credit

Leasing unties your cash as “pay as you use” has many advantages over full cash payment upfront. Would you pay for electricity 3 years upfront? So why would you do this for your business equipment needs?

Does away with depreciation, obsolescence and product disposal

Owning assets that continue to grow in value makes sense, owning products that are loosing value over time does not. Your business is not interested in having to deal with built-in obsolescence or product disposal, as you would rather spend your time and money in your business. Our easy upgrade, mid and end lease arrangements make it easy for you to continue having the latest technology.

Flexible end of term options that give you more choice.

At end of term there is the flexibility of choices that are available to suit your needs. Please refer to “End of Term” options.

Borrow our expertise

Buying or speculating in technology is not necessarily your expertise – but ours. You should not have to be quasi-experts when it comes to making IT and other acquisitions for your business. By leasing you can see how it fits with your business needs. Should your business grow, you can add or upgrade your equipment on your current agreement. That’s real flexibility.

Improved borrowing capacity for businesses

As many businesses have found, our product can increase your borrowing capacity and improve key financial ratios such as debt to equity and return on assets. Assets acquired under rental finance are generally not included on the balance sheet as a liability and the leased equipment is not included as an asset.